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Clean Air Grant Scheme

The way that you drive around Manchester is changing, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’re proud to announce that Walker Movements is a vetted and accredited dealership within the upcoming Clean Air Scheme in Greater Manchester!

What is the clean air grant scheme?

The purpose of the Clean Air Zone in Greater Manchester is to tackle harmful NO2 pollution on local roads and reduce the risk of pollution-caused health concerns in the UK. A survey by the Clean Air Fund revealed that one of the top health concerns in the UK is air pollution.

Since the government announced the clean air zones schemes in 2015, they have given over £220 million to local councils in the UK to establish clean air zones in their own communities.

The local authorities in the Greater Manchester area have joined together to create a plan for the clean air zone and have set aside £120 million to give to local businesses, individuals, and organizations through grants and finance options.

How do the Clean Air Zones work?

Clean Air Zones are typically found in areas where the pollution levels are at a dangerous level. Clean Air Zones can be incredibly beneficial to public health and local economies as well as help to make cities more attractive and safer places to live.

The new Greater Manchester zone, which will be implemented 30th May 2022, will be active 24/7 and will be enforced by a network of 850 ANPR enabled cameras that can log your number plate if you’re in violation of the rules.

If you are found to be in violation of the rules of the Clean Air Zone, you may be charged or penalized based on your vehicle’s emission standards. Vehicles that have higher emissions are not permitted to be in the area and can be charged up to £60 every day they enter. Due to this, it has become a concern for many businesses that own and operate company fleets or vehicles that drive through these areas.

Knowing that this could cause major disruption, the council is using the £120 million grant to fund new vehicles for people and businesses who may be affected. These new vehicles will have lower emission standards, causing less pollution and approving them to be driven in the Clean Air Zone.

This is where Walker Movements come in! As a vetted and accredited dealership by the Greater Manchester scheme, we can supply Clean Air Zone compliant trucks and HGVs for you or your business. If you’re wondering “Does my vehicle qualify for the grant?” be sure to take a look at the helpful vehicle and financial support checker.

Applications are currently only open for eligible bus, coach, and HGV drivers with other vehicle applications coming in the future. If you would like to find out more to understand the next steps of the process, you can find more details on the Clean Air Plan here.

Other grants available

The areas that are included in the Greater Manchester zone are Wigan, Bolton, Salford, Trafford, Manchester City, Stockport, Tameside, Oldham, Rochdale and Bury but there are also many upcoming and existing clean air zones across the UK in areas such as London, Bath, Oxford, and Portsmouth.

We’ve included some helpful links below in case you operate in any of the included areas outside of Greater Manchester.


The Portsmouth Clean Air Zone was launched on 29th November 2021 and has since encouraged greener transport habits; from cycling and walking to electric vehicles. If you’re in Portsmouth and would like to find out how the Portsmouth Clean Air Zone scheme may affect your vehicle, you can find out more information on the Clean Air Portsmouth website.


The Birmingham Clean Air Zone will invest £10.05 million into the Heavy-Duty Vehicle (HDV) Fund. The fund is designed to help support SMEs through the next stages of the Clean Air Zone scheme. If you would like to find out more about the Birmingham Clean Air Zone financial incentives, click the link below.


Bristol is also playing their part in preparing for Clean Air Zones by planning to provide financial support to drivers and businesses who are eligible to upgrade their current vehicles to those that compliant with the regulations of the scheme. They have agreed to a £42m support package with the government. Read more about the Bristol Clean Air Zone by clicking the link below.


If you’re located in Sheffield and would benefit from upgrading your vehicle, Sheffield City Council offer up to £16,000 per vehicle in order to purchase a replacement, new or old. Vehicles that are eligible for this grant include HGVs, buses, coaches, and minibuses over 3.5 tonnes. For more information and how to apply, follow the link below.

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