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Unloading their new truck from flatrack video

“Megastone Limited sent us this great video of their new Scania brickgrab being unloaded at Dar Es Salaam port from the flatrack it shipped on. Walker Movements arranged a vehicle inspection for Tanzania before delivering the Scania to the port to be loaded onto a flatrack for shipping. Other shipping options are available to suit the specific needs of the customer, speak to your sales consultant for more information.…”

Megastone Limited

Customer: Megastone Limited
Truck: Scania
Location: Dodoma
Date: February 2024
Shipped: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Industry: Construction
Sold by...

Jamie Bishop

Sales Consultant

Tel:+44 (0) 1332 502 450

Mobile:+44 (0) 7752 197 001

[email protected]