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Exports & Shipping

We’ve been transporting quality used trucks worldwide for 30 years and are experts in saving you time, money and stress.

Export packages

Our export package includes:

  • Safe transportation of your vehicle(s) to the nearest UK port for onward shipment to your chosen destination.
  • Fuel costs and UK insurance.
  • Loading and shipping.
  • Completion of all required documentation for exporting from the UK.
  • DHL insured and tracked vehicle document mailing.
  • The option to pay for the shipping once the ship has sailed.
  • Regular status updates of your shipment in transit.

Additional shipping services

We have the facilities to load your truck with another vehicle, saving you a vast amount of money on shipping. All we need to ensure is that the loaded vehicle does not exceed the maximum size or weight allowed for the transportation to your country.

We provide a wide range of vehicles including tractors, rigids, tippers, trailers, plant machinery, cabs and cars.

Here to help

Have a question regarding your shipment? Contact or experienced sales team and we will be happy to help you.