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Last Updated: 01/10/2022

About Walker Movements

Walker Movements is an international leader in the distribution of quality used trucks for sale. Specialising in the likes of Scania, DAF, MAN, Volvo, Mercedes, Renault and Iveco trucks, as well as a large stock of trailers, we offer choice like no other.


In a few months, the way you drive in Manchester could change dramatically, but luckily, we’re here to help. We’re proud to announce that Walker Movements is a vetted and accredited dealership within the upcoming Clean Air Scheme in Greater Manchester!


Joseph Ngorimawas from Tsengai Engineers was thrilled to receive his MAN truck from the U.K and his whole family joined in the celebrations.  Joseph brought the truck from Dave, who arranged to ship the truck to Walvis Bay.  The truck is now hard at work in Zimbabwe.

Joseph Ngorimawas

The truck is in Zimbabwe and has already started doing work. Jamie, thank you so much for your amazing customer care abilities. Thank you, Walker Movements team. We look forward to purchasing another truck soon!!!!

Kure Logistics

Philemon Chawinga from Malawi has been buying trucks fro m Dave at Walker Movements for years, he buys trucks on a regular basis and would always prefer to buy from Walker Movements if we can match his stock requirements.  He brought this truck to upgrade an older truck and expand the fleet.  The transformation that this truck has had in incredible.  We look forward to working with you Philemon in the future.

Philemon Chawinga