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5 things to look out for when buying a used truck

Buying a used truck is never an easy process, so we’ve put together 5 potential factors you need to look for when buying a used truck to help you with purchasing your next used truck.

1. Conduct Necessary Research

Research is vital when buying a used trucks because it allows you, as the customer, to learn more about both the vehicle and the dealer. To start with, do your homework on the vehicle itself and establish what used truck you want to target, this will give you a good understanding on what you’re looking for. Also, research the dealer. Check for reviews and any good testimonials from past customers, this will help to determine whether the organisation seems legitimate and professional.

Remember to keep in mind what you can and can’t afford so you don’t venture into looking at trucks you won’t be able to buy. If you have any questions about the vehicle, look for any answers or ask at your viewing. Don’t be afraid of gathering a lot of information, you can never have too much of it, especially if you’re planning on investing a significant amount of time and money into a used truck.

2. Know what you’re looking for

Having an idea of what you’re looking for is a good starting point when looking to buy a used truck. Knowing the basics of what you want is, surprisingly, something often missed by buyers, so a few things to consider could be:

  • Mileage
  • MOT
  • Condition of the vehicle

On top of this, colour could potentially play a part. Most reputable dealers will have the appropriate documentation of the used trucks, with MOT date and any issues detected during inspection. Also, check the tyres to see whether may need a repair and inspect the trucks current condition, it may say something about how it was used previously and any work that may have been done on it.

3. Any benefits included with your purchase?

It would be worth finding out about any potential benefits and inclusions within your deal once purchased. Any major issues with the vehicle should be resolved within the garage. For example, if an MOT is required and the vehicle is suitable they will complete one for you. This will make you, as the customer, feel more comfortable when buying. Full inspection of the vehicle would be done before putting on sale, but it’s always worth asking to see if the truck may require any repairs in the near future.

4. Stick to your budget

After viewing the vehicle and doing your research, it is important to remember that you’re still on a budget and keep to it! Many buyers end up overpaying for used trucks after being impressed with what they see, so make sure you don’t fall into the trap of buying on the spot, it might be more beneficial to walk away after a viewing to reassess the situation and come back after a good, long think. By doing this, it allows you to evaluate all the variables and determine whether you want to pay the amount or look for an alternative.

5. Listen to your dealer

Taking advice from the dealer will help you to better understand the vehicle, with the positives and the negatives playing a big part in your decision to buy. The more you listen to them, the more you’ll learn about what you’re buying and what comes with it. Additionally, if you’re experience is a positive one then you’re likely to return in the future!

Uploaded: 20 April 2023
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