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DAF CF Buying Guide

The DAF CF has built a reputation within the road haulage industry as being a hardworking and versatile truck with a budget friendly price tag. This all-round solid truck is able to be slimmed down or bulked up to suit the needs of a business, making it a great choice for both light and heavy haulage.

However, despite their versatility, it is still important to understand the advantages and pit falls of this truck in order to make an informed decision when it comes time to make a purchase.

Emissions Standards

As the world becomes more and more environmentally aware, it is important to understand the vehicle emissions standards in your country. In Europe, the Euro 6 standard is quickly becoming a requirement in order to access certain areas, one example of this are Clean Air Zones in the UK.

While there is a Euro 6 compliant version of the DAF CF, it is more common among newer models of the truck with many of the older models containing engines rated between Euro 3 and Euro 5. This means that if your drivers are required to drive through CAZ (Clean Air Zones) or any other European equivalent then you may incur additional charges if the vehicle doesn’t meet the required emission standards.

Understand the Truck’s Maintenance

The DAF CF is an extremely reliable and, often, low maintenance truck. However, as with any vehicle, it is important to understand the best practices for maintenance to prevent any potential inconvenient and costly issues arising.  Regular services and inspections can help ensure your vehicle is kept in the best condition. This will not only optimize the vehicles’ performance and maximize its uptime, it will also give you and your driver peace of mind.

If you need some help with the maintenance and upkeep of your DAF CF, there are many options out there; DAF themselves offer multiple maintenance packages to choose from.

Advantages of DAF CF Trucks

On the whole, the DAF CF is an extremely reliable and versatile truck, which makes faults few and far between. The truck’s versatility allows it to be utilised for all types of haulage, including regional, national, and international transport over smooth roads or even rougher terrain.

DAF CF trucks can be configured to the exact needs of your business, available as either a rigid body truck or a tractor unit. This means that the reliability of the CF and the DAF brand can be taken advantage of whether you require a smaller truck for more urban haulage or something for larger loads for longer distances.

The DAF CF also boasts excellent fuel efficiency reducing the need for frequent refuelling. Due to its excellent fuel economy, fleet managers can expect a good level of savings across their fleet. This coupled with the high-quality interior found in many DAF trucks, means that drivers can drive longer distances in comfort and without the need for additional fuel.

How to choose the best used DAF CF truck

Finding the best deal on a DAF CF truck requires a number of considerations as well as precise timing. First you must consider whether you would be better suited with a rigid body version or whether you require a tractor unit.

Once you have made this consideration, having the right timing and being in the right place will help you secure the best possible deal. Purchasing from a trusted dealer can help with this, as they will often inspect the vehicle before sale as well as be able to provide a thorough service history of the vehicle that you are interested in.

Purchase a DAF truck today!

As a family run business with more than 30 years’ experience selling commercial vehicles around the world, we’re proud to provide high-quality, cost-effective commercial vehicles worldwide, and are home to more than 400 vehicles including a range of DAF Trucks.

We are a vetted and accredited dealership within the Clean Air Grant Scheme. Our sales team are ex HGV mechanics with extensive knowledge of the HGV industry and the vehicles themselves. The Walker Movements workshop and valeting team also inspect and valet each and every one of our vehicles, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best service possible.

Need your vehicle exporting elsewhere? We’ve got you covered there too, as we can ship to any commercial port worldwide. We will also raise all required documentation for EU exports to make the shipping process as easy as possible.

If you’re looking for a used Mercedes-Benz truck, view our stock online for contact our sales team on +44 1332 50 2450 or email [email protected].

Uploaded: 16 August 2022
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