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MAN TGX Buying Guide

MAN are one of the industries most-esteemed manufacturers and have an extensive history which began back in 1898 when MAN SE was originally formed. Since then, MAN have grown to be a market leader and a first choice for many logistics and transport businesses, and have had over 90,000 global sales of their buses and trucks in 2021 alone.

Notably, one of their most popular and successful trucks, is the MAN TGX. The MAN TGX is primarily a tractor unit which has everything that a truck owner would require, from a comfortable cab to unrivalled fuel efficiency and economy. MAN’s cockpits are developed by truckers for truckers, so your dashboard is structured in a way to help you stay focused on the road, at all times.

In this guide, we will take you through the benefits of a MAN TGX truck and what you should consider when purchasing a MAN TGX vehicle.

Advantages of the MAN TGX

The unique cockpit has been designed with drivers and their safety in mind. Aerodynamic mirrors provide the driver with a better view around the A-pillar, so you are much more aware of your surroundings while on the road, a much-needed safety feature to prevent blind spots.

After a long day of being on the road, the MAN TGX has a comfortable living and sleeping space that will help you get much needed rest after a long day, with a MAN TGX truck you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, the MAN TGX comes complete with multiple storage units to help you stay organised, tidy, and secure while on the road.

How to choose a used MAN TGX truck

You may have hundreds of options available; however how do you choose the correct truck for you? First, selecting the correct transmission is critical as you want to select a transmission you and your drivers are comfortable with.

After selecting your transmission, the next step is to inspect the vehicle to ensure it is up to standard and suitable. Has the truck got a full MOT and service history? Are there any past problems that you should be aware of? If buying from a trusted used truck dealership they will be able to tell you all of this information and reassure you that the MAN TGX truck you are purchasing will be up to your requirements.


When purchasing an HGV, it is important to understand and comply with emission standards that are in place in your area. For example, in the UK and much of the EU, the emissions standard is Euro 6. This also means that Euro 6 compatible trucks are eligible to travel in and out of clean air zones in the UK, such as Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, and Sheffield.


The MAN TGX is the perfect all round tractor unit. The TGX’s capabilities will allow your business to run seamlessly and give you peace of mind that your truck is reliable and suitable for day-to-day tasks. The custom designed cockpit always has your safety in mind, you can reassure fellow drivers that the MAN TGX will help their driving experience. The cabin space helps you live comfortably and in an organised manner to prevent any distractions while driving, this is an important factor as any distraction can cause irritations, the TGX reduces the likelihood of this happening.

Purchase a MAN TGX truck

Walker Movements are a family run business with over 30 years of industry experience selling used commercial vehicles around the world. We have over 400 vehicles in stock at all times, including a wide range of MAN vehicles.

Furthermore, we are proud to be an approved and accredited dealership with the Clean Air Grant Scheme. Our dedicated sales team are truck enthusiasts and ex mechanics who have an extensive knowledge of trucks, and the industry. When buying from Walker Movements, you can be assured that all vehicles have been valeted and inspected before they are despatched.

Are you buying from abroad? We can help! We can ship our stock to any commercial port worldwide and we will also handle all of the required paperwork to provide you with a hassle-free buying process.

If you’re looking for used MAN trucks, view our stock online today. If you require any assistance or have any questions regarding our stock, please contact our friendly team on +44 1332 50 2450 or [email protected].

Uploaded: 29 September 2022
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