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Curtainsider cut down to flatbed

“"Start to finish spot on. We certainly will be back."   One extra service we offer is the cutting down of curtainsiders to flatbeds, and this is exactly what 24-7 Scaffolding Services Ltd opted for. Just take a look at the transformation. All work is arranged by us, on site, so there is no extra stress for you. If you are interested in one of our curtainsiders and would like it cut down please speak to your sales consultant today.  …”

24-7 Scaffolding Services Ltd

Customer: 24-7 Scaffolding Services Ltd
Truck: DAF LF
Location: Nottinghamshire
Date: February 2024
Industry: Construction
Sold by...

Jamie Bishop

Sales Consultant

Tel:+44 (0) 1332 502 450

Mobile:+44 (0) 7752 197 001

[email protected]