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Used Mercedes Atego Trucks for Sale

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rigids REF: 33275
February 2025
Euro 5
616,503 Kms
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Mercedes Atego Trucks

Mercedes Atego trucks are the masters of busy distribution routes while also being an affordable option when buying used. Available in a range trailer types including curtainsiders, box bodies measuring between 20 and 28 feet, the Mercedes Atego is truly the king of diverse applications.

Atego trucks are also an excellent choice for those who may need to enter LEZ or ULEZ areas along their distribution routes. The four and six cylinder engines that are available throughout the Atego range are rated as Euro 6 for those manufactured from 2014 and onwards. However, even the older models rated at Euro 5 come with fuel saving technologies such as start-stop technology which eliminates idle fuel consumption reducing the overall running costs of these trucks.

The Mercedes-Benz Atego range also spoils for choice in the cab department. With many buyers opting for a day cab model of this truck, there are some older models that included a sleeper cab for those longer journeys.

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