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Why You Should Consider a Euro 5 Truck

A question that is becoming more and more common when looking to buy a truck or upgrade your existing fleet; should you buy Euro 5 or Euro 6? There are a number of factors that impact this decision including things such as price, where the vehicle will need to be driven, and the availability of your desired make and model.

What are Euro 5 & Euro 6?

The Euro emission standards are defined by the level of particulates that are produced by the engine. For Euro 5 the limits are:


  • CO – 1.0 g/km
  • HC – 0.10 g/km
  • NOx – 0.06 g/km
  • PM – 0.005 g/km (direct injection only)


  • CO – 0.50 g/km
  • HC + NOx – 0.23 g/km
  • NOx – 0.18 g/km
  • PM – 0.005 g/km
  • PM – 0x10^11/km

And for Euro 6 rated engines, the emission limits are:


  • CO – 1.0 g/km
  • HC – 0.10 g/km
  • NOx – 0.06 g/km
  • PM – 0.005 g/km (direct injection only)
  • PM – 6.0×10^11/km (direct injection only)


  • CO – 0.50 g/km
  • HC + NOx – 0.17 g/km
  • NOx – 0.08 g/km
  • PM – 0.005 g/km
  • PM – 0x10^11/km

However, these standards are not just used by the manufacturers to produce lower emission engines, but also by city and town authorities to determine which vehicles are allowed to enter certain areas.

Low Emission Zones

Low Emission Zones (LEZs) are appearing all over the UK and in Europe, these areas limit their access to vehicles that meet certain emissions standards – in most cases, Euro 6. In the UK however, new Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZs) are being introduced which require a minimum of Euro 6 to enter with all vehicles being required to pay a charge to enter the London congestion zone.

These LEZs can play a part in the decision of whether you should buy a Euro 5 or Euro 6 truck. If you’re truck is likely to need to pass through an LEZ or ULEZ then purchasing a Euro 6 vehicle is likely the safer option.

In the UK, the government established the Clean Air Grant Scheme that aimed to help provide funding to businesses and individuals so they can finance more efficient transport solutions which can help with eligibility when entering the LEZs, to learn more about the Clean Air Grant Scheme click here.


Euro 5 trucks tend to be more readily available than Euro 6 trucks, particularly in the used market. Again, this can play quite a big factor when choosing which type of truck, you’re going to buy. This is because if you can’t find the right Euro 6 equivalent for the intended purpose then a Euro 5 could be the best choice.

Additionally, although Euro 5 trucks are often not permitted to enter LEZs and ULEZs, they can make for excellent alternatives if you don’t require your vehicle to enter them. Operating your fleet in this way can often reduce the initial cost as there is a lesser need for more expensive Euro 6 trucks.


Since Euro 6 trucks are often newer than their Euro 5 equivalents, a Euro 5 truck will likely come at a lower price. As mentioned before, there is a Clean Air Grant Scheme active in the UK that can provide support to businesses looking to purchase vehicles that meet the requirements to enter the LEZs and ULEZs which may also play a factor in your decision.

Buy Used Euro 5 & 6 Trucks with Walker Movements

Here are Walker Movements, we have a wide range of used HGVs and commercial vehicles for sale; including both Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks! All of our vehicles are from trusted manufacturers such as DAF, Mercedes, Volvo, MAN, and Scania.

We also have financing options available on all of our vehicles. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, feel free to Contact us today.

Uploaded: 20 April 2023
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