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Scania R Series Buying Guide

The Scania R-series is one of the most reliable trucks in the used trucks market. It has a variety of key selling points that provide plenty of competition when it comes to purchasing similar second hand trucks.

Scania are one of the most well-known truck manufacturers in the UK and for good reason. Scania trucks are some of the most cost-efficient vehicles on the market and the R-series is no different.

Keep your R Series Maintained

When searching for your ideal truck, the R-series should be the first to come to mind as its one of the most reliable trucks available for sale, even 18 years after its release.

Maintenance on HGV’s can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but Scania offer one of the most competitive maintenance services in the industry. They offer fixed price maintenance packages and can even help tailor solutions to your business needs.

Drive in comfort

Comfort is a major selling point for the Scania R-series as the vehicle has four roof height options for the above cab sleeping area, these include, low, normal, highline and topline. It also includes an 800-1,000mm wide and 2m long bed to make sure you’re well rested on long haul drives.

Not only does the R-series have a comfortable sleeping area but it also has a cosy and spacious upfront cab where you can rest and re-fuel between journeys. In some Scania’s R-Series trucks you could benefit from a range of additional features including a refrigerator, extendable table and an adjustable passenger seat that can be reclined and rotated. It even has smart storage solutions so you can ensure all your belongings stay secure during transit.

Scania R Series Specifications

Scania holds a high reputation among the used truck market that’s based on the build quality and desirability of their products.

The Scania R-series has been upgraded throughout the years. In 2009, Scania added a new 12.7-litre DC13 EGR engine at 3 different power levels, 400hp 440hp and 480hp.

In today’s market, the R-series offers 3 types of engines for the Euro 6, Euro 5, Euro 4, and Euro 3. The 9-litre engine is available up to 360hp, the 13-litre up to 540hp and the 16-litre up to 770hp.

The R-series now integrates the position and extra lights in the cab to enhance both its appearance and safety levels and doesn’t negatively impact the aerodynamics of the truck.

Fuel economy is a large reason that people choose the R-series as their go to unit. In 2020, Scania won the “Green Truck” award for the lowest fuel consumption for the fourth time in a row. The R-series boasts a 23.25 litres per 100km. The dashboard includes a Scania driver support screen where you can track your fuel economy and even your driving style.

Scania R-series units are a cost-efficient choice when you’re in the market for a used truck. They’re used in a wide variety of industries due to their reliability and resilient build quality.

If you’re interested in buying a used Scania R-series or if you have any questions about our services, please contact our team today to find out how we can help.

Advantages of Scania R-Series Trucks

Besides the reliability and quality that comes with every Scania truck on the road, the R-Series offers a range of other advantages to both the business and the driver. R-Series trucks are built for driver comfort with a fully adjustable driver’s seat allowing drivers to find and configure their perfect driving position aiding them in longer distance journeys.

The R-Series trucks have also been rigorously analysed and tested to reduce air resistance when on the road. This improves the manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency of the vehicle, benefiting the business and driver.

Scania also offer a wide range of configurations allowing businesses, who are buying new, to tweak their vehicle to fit their exact needs. From resting equipment to engine and gearbox, the R-Series can be fine-tuned to the most minute detail for businesses looking to maximise their haulage efficiency.

How to choose the best used Scania R-Series truck

Finding the best deal on any vehicle requires looking in the right place at the right time. However, there are ways that you can increase your chances of finding the best bang-for-your-buck. We recommend purchasing from trusted and reliable dealers who will be able to tell you the history of the vehicle that you’re interested in as well as complete a full inspection for the sale is complete.

Buy a Scania R-Series truck

Walker Movements are a family run business with more than 30 years’ experience selling commercial vehicles around the world. We consistently have more than 400 vehicles in stock including a wide range of Scania R-Series trucks.

We are a vetted and accredited dealership within the Clean Air Grant Scheme. Our sales team are ex HGV mechanics with extensive knowledge of the HGV industry and the vehicles themselves. The Walker Movements workshop and valeting team also inspect and valet each and every one of our vehicles, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best service possible.

Need your vehicle exporting elsewhere? We’ve got you covered there too, as we can ship to any commercial port worldwide. We will also raise all required documentation for EU exports to make the shipping process as easy as possible.

If you’re looking for a used Scania truck, view our stock online for contact our sales team on +44 1332 50 2450 or email [email protected].

Uploaded: 16 August 2022
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